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American Boarding Schools 美国寄宿学校

American Boarding Schools


Why Choose an American Boarding School?    Quality, Diversity, Tradition, Opportunity

American boarding schools have a long history and a solid reputation for producing successful college students. When people mention boarding schools, the stereotypes often overwhelm the reality. Boarding schools were once thought of as a way to discipline troubled children or as a last resort for poor academic performance.

But these schools come a long way from those outmoded myths. Some still have missions focused on rehabilitating troubled teenagers, but most have entered the 21st century with the latest educational theories and practices and have strong reputations as excellent college preparatory institutions.

The key is choosing the right school for your child for the right reasons. Sending a reluctant child to a boarding school could turn out to be counterproductive. But sending a child to a boarding school to obtain an excellent education produces quantifiable results.

The Best Schools in America Let Your Child Fully Flower: Let American Boarding Schools Be Your Guide

History, tradition, world-class facilities, and high academic standards are the hallmarks of these schools, consistently rated among the best in the world. Typically, they focus on 6th through 12th grade education, with the assumption that the great majority of students will go on to college.

With college prep in mind, these schools have very high academic standards, with most students scoring in the higher percentiles on the important college placement exams such as the SAT. The best schools offer a wide range of curricula and philosophies.

These schools instill a pride in academic accomplishment that is unsurpassed by traditional day schools. Graduates invariably go on to experience great success in college. Indeed, many prestigious universities the world over gladly welcome graduates from top US schools, often offering those students valuable scholarships.

Pros and Cons of the Top American Boarding Schools

Like any form of education, these schools have their pros and cons. Of course, many families sometimes find the separation challenging. Students sometimes have trouble adjusting to that physical separation from family and hometown, as well as trouble dealing with the strict academic demands. Also, students generally have no free time because, unlike at day schools, their schedules are completely filled with extracurricular and school activities, leaving little time for taking an outside job or socializing outside the school setting. Finally, most of these schools have strict rules and regulations and little tolerance for even minor infractions.

Because most are private institutions, these schools often have high tuition. Parents traditionally save up for their children’s college education, not their secondary education, so the cost can be a drawback to some families, even though financial aid is widely available.

But any objective analysis reveals that both the long-term and short-term benefits of attending one of these schools far outweigh the drawbacks. Because most are private schools, they have very high-quality facilities, better than any public or day school of comparable size. They usually have smaller student bodies, fewer than 300 on average, and the smaller student-teacher ratios foster higher academic achievements and test scores. Students experience a wide variety of extracurricular activities and a strong sense of community. Those strict rules and regulations lead to better study habits and a better chance of success in college and beyond. And of course, students learn valuable skills of self-reliance and personal responsibility, creating a strong foundation for a successful and happy life.

Be a Part of a Long, Proud Tradition at the Best American Boarding Schools

A lively community spirit, high standards, and strong personal ties that students forge are all part of the American boarding school tradition. Boarding schools in the United States have a long and proud history that stretches back to colonial times. Among the oldest in America are West Nottingham Academy in Maryland (founded in 1744) and Linden Hall School for Girls in Pennsylvania (founded in 1746). In fact, the average age of these schools is over 100 years.

Teaching critical thinking skills and a sense of curiosity about the world are also hallmarks and traditions of these schools, of which there are more than 300 to consider. With so many fine schools all across America, choosing the best one for your child can be a serious challenge.

Many schools focus on a particular discipline or style:


Traditional military


All boys

All girls

These are just a few of the diverse educational styles you can find at top American schools. InterBabel offers something for everyone! Contact us for more information!