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瑞士私立寄宿中学, Switzerland Boarding Schools

Why Switzerland Boarding Schools?

Swiss Private Boarding Schools

Switzerland Boarding Schools have the distinction of being among the oldest, most important and famous schools in the country.In Switzerland there are around 260 recognised private schools.  About 100,000 students from all over the world attend Swiss private schools. Many former students are leaders of society today.

The schools and colleges offer innovative and tailor-made teaching according to your educational needs. We are here to guide you and help you find the best school that fulfils your expectations.

The range of programmes and school settings is vast. Elite foreign families trust Switzerland as a top educational country. Some of these have the distinction of being among the oldest, most important and famous schools in the country. About 100,000 students from all over the world attend Swiss private schools. Many former students are leaders of society today. Switzerland has a long tradition of hosting excellent boarding schools. Today they attract mainly foreign students whose families appreciate this elite form of education.

Within the boarding schools, about 80 per cent of the students are foreign and the rest Swiss. Certain schools have an even higher percentage of international students.The boarding schools in Switzerland are insisting on strict quotas to ensure an international mix of students of many different nationalities. That means that no more that 10% of the students may be, say, Russian or American, English or Chinese.

The international mix of cultures and languages is the great advantage that Swiss boarding schools have when compared to cheaper competitors, such as schools in the USA or the UK. Swiss boarding schools are globally known for their high standards and quality of learning. And most schools in Switzerland offer a wide variety of offers for their students that range from college-preparatory and junior boarding schools to TOEFL support and university counselling. Some top Swiss private schools have some special support for learning disability or special programs for troubled teens.

What you should know about Swiss boarding schools

The boarding schools here are considered to be elite schools or high-end private schools. The prestigious, seven-day-a-week schools have an international student community. School fees are generally in the region of CHF 100,000 – 120,000 per year, and the schools are usually fully booked in advance. We are working with the 12 most reputable and noble schools, most of them located near Lausanne, by Lake Geneva. This has a historical basis. In earlier times the Orient Express passed through Lausanne. It was not easy to travel in those days, and it was more practical for the parents to have their children accommodated in a place that is easily accessible from all over Europe.

The residential boarding schools in Switzerland offer special summer programs to their students to develop the learning and cross cultural skills. In these international summer camps children from all over the world spend their holidays in Switzerland while learning special subjects, following language courses in English, German, French and Chinese and enjoying themselves. Most boarding schools in Switzerland are international boarding schools and English is the main language. However, there are a lot of bilingual schools as well that offer courses in German, French and English. Languages are generally important to the curriculum of Swiss private schools. Some schools even teach Mandarin (Chinese) language from 3rd grade on.

The Top Boarding Schools in Switzerland…When it Comes to Education, Only The Best Counts

Boarding schools in Switzerland are Nobel or Elite schools, also called High-End private schools. Those are the prestigious seven days a week boarding schools with an excellent International student community. InterBabel makes sure that only these “Top Boarding Schools” will be recommended to the parents.

In England, for example, 80% of students are domestic students and only 20% are foreign. In Switzerland we have the opposite situation. The international network combined with multilingual skills that a child can build up in Switzerland, for his or her future and life, is really the unique selling proposition of High-End boarding schools in Switzerland. That’s why the media called some of the Swiss boarding schools the “School of Kings”. Many royal families from all over Europe have sent their children to study in Switzerland.

Multicultural Education

Based on the most commonly spoken languages in Switzerland such as German, French, Italian and, last but not least, English, Switzerland has a long tradition of multicultural and multilingual education. In recent years, this development has increased due to Switzerland’s international relations, geographical position and worldwide mobility. Many international companies have their head office in Switzerland. Therefore many expats have relocated to Switzerland with their families.

International Education

The demanding, high-standard training programmes prepare the students for internationally accredited and recognised diplomas. The diplomas conferred are the entry ticket to further studies at national and international universities all over the world. It is advisable for a successful career to ensure that official school-leaving certificates are obtained at the Swiss, American, English, German, French and Italian schools. Many students prefer the internationally recognized “International Baccalaureate” Diploma, in English or French.

Most of the Swiss boarding schools are recognized as bilingual schools, which means lessons are given in different languages. Multilingual skills gained in a child’s younger years are often the basis for a successful professional life with the ability to work with ease in a multicultural setting.

Most boarding schools in Switzerland offer the International Baccalaureate (IB).

 The International Baccalaureate is a demanding Pre-university course that leads to examinations. It serves perfectly for highly motivated secondary school students aged 16 to 19. Any student holding an IB diploma is well prepared and has access to the best Universities in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world.

The schooling period in Switzerland totals 12 years. Primary education for 6 years is followed by 2 levels of secondary education: the first level ends when the 9 years of mandatory education are finished, the second level is comparable to A-levels in the UK and ends with the Matura exam. The Matura is the entry ticket to university.

If you are looking for an appropriate education for children from 6 to 19 years of age, you can choose from the  following types of school:

  • – Gymnasium
  • – High school
  • – Primary school
  • – Secondary school

The following types of school certificate may be issued on successfully completing the course:

  • – Swiss Matura
  • – German Abitur (after 12 years at school)
  • – American High School Diploma
  • – International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • – French Baccalaureate

InterBabel can support parents in finding the right school for their children.