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WHY InterBabel?

Why choose us?

For InterBabel, helping students discover and ultimately attain their academic goals is a fascinating process. We know that there are many institutions that could be well suited to each student, according to their skills, aptitudes and goals. Our objective is to properly guide students to gain admission to the institutions of their choice that offer the right fit.

We engage in personalized coaching, offering the kind of tailored advice that only results from forming a close relationship with each student. We work with students and their families to understand their goals and expectations, their academic performance, their extracurricular interests, their geographical preferences and constraints,their career interests, and their special talents. This provides them with a holistic overview, enabling them to provide customized support to every student.

Each applicant has unique interests, abilities, and achievements that need to be highlighted in a way that brings value to them as the committee reads the application. Be aware that many colleges are experiencing an increase in their number of applications and therefore it is important that you take the time to personalize your application to highlight your strengths.

InterBabel offers an all-encompassing preparation service helping students with all the aspects of the college/university selection, application and matriculation process including:

Student portfolios
College selection
Test prep for SAT, ACT
Top-tier college visits
College representative sessions
Application completion and submission
Teacher recommendations
Application essays and personal statements
Scholarship applications
Financial aid
Preparing for college life

Our first step includes a personal inventory, the second step develops a number of preferred college characteristics based on the personal inventory, and the third step draws up a preliminary group of colleges which may represent a good “fit” or “match” for you.

1. The personal inventory includes reviewing your personal and academic strengths, goals, plans, and interests. The questions here cover your reasons for going to college and focus on helping you to answer “Who am I?”

2. College preferences are developed from the personal inventory and designed to answer the question “What am I looking for in a college?” The first step must be completed before these preferred college characteristics can be developed.

3. Preliminary group of colleges, based on the college preferences, based in turn on the personal inventory. The colleges in this group should represent the potential for a good “fit” or match” for you and may number as many as twenty or thirty colleges very early in the process.

Students and parents often begin the college admissions process by reviewing the names of colleges they know, like, or support, and thus try to develop a preliminary group of colleges without working through the first two steps. The first two steps are very important, for you really can’t make good decisions about your college plans without first taking stock of yourself through a personal inventory, and looking at specific colleges won’t make much sense unless you know what you are looking for, and can ask “How closely will this college meet my preferences?”