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What is the Tomatis Method?

The Tomatis Laws

The relation between listening and communication was established in 1957 by the 3 laws of French Dr. Alfred Tomatis:

1) The voice contains only what the ear hears

2) If hearing is modified, the voice is immediately and unconsciously modified

3) It is possible to transform speaking permanently by an auditory stimulation sustained over a certain period of time (law of remanence).

 The Tomatis Method has helped young children and adults in Europe and the USA to learn easier and more effectively foreign languages,  develop organizational skills, become more focused, listen better, reach their maximum potential, develop visual motor skills for sports, or learn to use their voice better for public  speaking.

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The Tomatis Method is a unique, revolutionizing method of learning effortlessly and improving English and other foreign languages.  It can be very useful for young English language learners as well as young students planning to study in the USA and other English speaking countries and need to perfect their English pronunciation improve their overall language skills and reach a native level of English.The Tomatis practitioner is trained to select the program which best corresponds to your needs.These programs are specifically adapted to make the ear receptive to the rhythms and sounds of the target language and to facilitate the integration of foreign languages.