Our Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose InterBabel?

InterBabel are trained professionals with a wide variety of experience to helps families and their children take the stress out of the application process. We work on behalf of the student to make sure they are focused in their approach to applying to school.

How is InterBabel different from a school-based counselor?

School based counselors have lots of students to work with and many other things they need to do during their work day. Most schools have high student to counselor ratios, around 150:1. It can be a challenge to create a personalized plan even for the best of school-based counselors. There just is not enough time.

InterBabel work only with their students so they can individualize the process to each student.  Every student is unique and we can tap into that uniqueness.

What does InterBabel really do?

InterBabel works with you and for you. They create an individualized plan to help you sort through all the information involved in finding your next school. They have the tools and the knowledge to help you demystify the research and application process. Since they know schools – boarding schools, colleges and universities- they frequently advise students on how to improve in school and their personal lives to help them maximize their potential. Finally, InterBabel helps you own the process. You do the work, set the targets and your consultant helps you reach those goals by advising and coaching.

What should I do next?

Contact us for a free consultation and find out why InterBabel is the best around.