According to your specific needs…



InterBabel brings experience and understanding to the Boarding School and University application process by offering individually tailored services to address the particular  needs of each student.

We identify a unique support plan for every student:

  • We work on an individual basis because each student is unique
  • We only take a limited number of students each year to maintain a personal relationship
  • We are a consulting firm and we work on behalf of the family not the institution
  • We have a broad understanding of different schools and different countries
  • Some college or university programs are school specific
  • Some college or university programs are school specific and great care should be taken during the Academic Programs research stage.

90% of our customers choose the Gold Package which is an all-encompassing service extending over a period of 12 months and which allows a highly personalised service. Alternatively, you may also have a look at our Silver Package as well as our Services List where you can see our full range of services.