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Our Gold Package for Boarding School Placement

InterBabel’s expertise makes our students stand out of the crowd with cutting-edge advice on how to stand out during the boarding-school application process.

The services of the Boarding School Gold Package include:

Evaluation & Selection

  • Consultations with and support for the family throughout the planning process, and for the entire term of placement in boarding school
  • Complete student evaluation (academic records, student’s activities and interests, strengths and weaknesses, goals, psycho-educational evaluation if applicable)
  • Identifying the boarding schools where the student will be most successful in terms of academics, special interest activities, personal growth, religion, location, and student body size
  • Creating a profile of the student for presentation to boarding-school admission directors for pre-screening, thus expediting a successful placement

Task Management

  • Providing the student and parents with information about each selected boarding school
  • Preparing a student and parents to make the most of boarding-school visits and interviews; debriefing after school visits

Essay Advising

  • Assistance with application essays (from brainstorming ideas to editorial reviews of each draft and the final essays)
  • Thorough boarding-school application review

Interview Preparation

  • Prepare for interviews and meetings with faculty and admissions officers
  • Role-play to ensure a great interview every time

Progress Tracking

  • Communicating with school admission directors  throughout the planning and application process
  • Review of student’s academic progress throughout the term of placement, on a schedule consistent with the boarding school’s policies for consultant communications

Additional Services:

  • Remaining in the “loop” with the family and boarding school throughout the term of placement (e.g., advocating for the student, working as part of a team to resolve problems that may arise)-Service provided under request.